"I was railroaded into a clip job years ago. Had
regrets ever since. Was tight phimotic, want to be
at least slightly phimotic again. Any suggestions?"
Classified ad, Foreskin Quarterly #12

[The foreskin in this photograph is retractable when the penis is flaccid but not when it's erect. The man is glad he was never circumcised and is glad no one ever tried to "correct" his "condition." The only "foreskin problem" he has ever had is hearing and reading all his life that he had a problem. He retracted his foreskin as far as he comfortably could just for this photograph. Ordinarily, he would not retract his foreskin that far when his penis was erect.]

"The Greek word phimosis means muzzled and is used -- often incorrectly -- to refer to a foreskin that cannot be retracted (for whatever reason) ... What parents should know is that almost all babies have non-retractable foreskins, that this is normal, and that the foreskins of most males become fully retractable by the time they are 18. It is also important to know that many adult males with non-retractable foreskins are perfectly happy with them that way. Adult males with non-retractable foreskins who would rather their foreskins were retractable can easily and safely stretch their foreskin opening until it is large enough to slip comfortably over the glans. A non-retractable foreskin is not, in itself, an indication for circumcision." (Answers To Your Questions About Your Young Son's Intact Penis -- NOCIRC Information Series pamphlet #4)

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