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John A. Erickson
British Journal of Urology (Letters), August 1997

33 Photographs of
The Intact Adult Male Foreskin

The entire exhibit. 33 small color images, all on one web page.

The entire exhibit. 33 large color images, each on its own page.

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The entire exhibit. 33 medium-size black-and-white images, all on one web page.

"The Three Zones of Penile Skin" only. Five medium-size color images, with commentary, on one web page.

"The Three Zones of Penile Skin" only. Five large black-and-white images, with commentary, on one web page.

"The Three Zones of Penile Skin" only. Five large color images, each on its own page.

     3 Zones #1       3 Zones #2       3 Zones #3       3 Zones #4       3 Zones #5

Permission to copy, print, reproduce, transfer, and distribute images from "33 Photographs of the Intact Adult Male Foreskin" and "The Three Zones of Penile Skin" without profit, hereby granted. -JAE

Photographs Documenting
Various Aspects of the Foreskin

Foreskin as 80 percent of total penile skin

Foreskin elasticity

Foreskin intact but no apparent frenulum

Foreskin versatility


Full retraction after gently stretching tight phimosis

Hair on foreskin

Lesser preputial veins

Luxuriant foreskin: covering glans; retracted behind glans

Main preputial vein

Mucocutaneous junction



Postheon = "little penis" = "overhang" = part of the penis originally called the foreskin

Preputial raphe

Preputial sphincter

Smegma (Including "The Animal Kingdom Would Probably Cease to Exist Without Smegma" and Other Statements About This Misunderstood Substance)

"Tip" of the penis

Miscellaneous Photographs

Happy Together

"A piece of skin the size of a quarter ..."

[More to be added.]

The SPAM-free newsgroup contains hundreds of clear close-up color photographs of the normal, natural, intact penis and its foreskin in virtually every variation and variety. New photographs added continually.

The Foreskin in Art

Vase in form of a phallus. Terracotta. East Greek ca. 550 - 500 bc.

[More to be added.]

More Information

449 Famous Males with Foreskins

Foreskin Restoration (Glans Re-covering)

Foreskins For Sale

Immunological functions of the human prepuce. PM Fleiss, FM Hodges, RS Van Howe. Sexually Transmitted Infections, October 1998. ("[The] definitive article on the immunological functions of the foreskin." Kenneth J. Baker, MD, FACOG)

Lysozyme in moisture under foreskin kills HIV

Medical Journal Articles Documenting the Use of Human Foreskins in Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Other Commercial Enterprises

Natural Man Photos: The Photography of Sherwin Carlquist

Phimosis in antiquity. Frederick M. Hodges. World Journal of Urology, June 1999.

Sexually Explicit Adult Videos With a Foreskin or Circumcision Buzz Word in Their Titles

Where Is My Foreskin? The Case Against Circumcision. Paul M. Fleiss, MD. ("The most thorough, most comprehensive article about the foreskin and circumcision published by the popular press to date." NOCIRC Annual Report, Spring 1998)

Medical Journal Articles Documenting the Protective, Immunological, and Erogenous/Sexual Functions of the Foreskin

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