Foreskin Intact
But No Apparent Frenulum

[In the first photograph, the area between the glans and the line drawn on the shaft is the foreskin's fully retracted inside fold. The second photograph is an enlarged segment of the first photograph.]

     Why do some non-circumcised men have no apparent frenulum?
     Because they were born without one?
     Because someone broke their frenulums with a probe or by forcing their foreskins back when they were babies?
     Because they accidently or deliberately broke their own frenulums in adolescence?
     Because they cut their frenulums or had their frenulums cut when they were adults?
     Is the percentage of males without apparent frenulums in the U.S. (where many non-circumcised males have their foreskins forced back in infancy or early childhood) higher than in countries where the first person to retract a male's foreskin is usually the male himself?
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