Strategies for Intactivists Conference

Evanston, Illinois, April 12-14, 1996


Perspective on the Purpose of the Conference (Wayne Hampton). 17 min.

Variability In Penile Appearance and Penile Problems: A Prospective Study (Robert S. Van Howe, MD, Marshfield Clinic, Lakeland Center, Minocqua, Wisconsin). 61 min.

Review of What's Been Done Up Until Now (Marilyn Milos, RN, director of NOCIRC; and Tim Hammond, director of NOHARMM). 34 min.


Will the Courts Help Right the Wrong of Circumcision? (David Llewellyn, Attorney at Law, Atlanta Circumcision Information Center, Atlanta, Georgia ). 66 min. ("Every appellate case I've lost has been because they didn't like the result they were going to be forced to reach. So they mis-stated the facts."

Neonatal Circumcision: Cost-Utility Analysis Revisited (Robert S. Van Howe, MD). 56 min.

Topics discussed by Dr. Van Howe:

Prolonged Hospitalization Urinary Tract Infections
Treatment of Phimosis
Treatment Costs
Caronal Adhesions
Subpreputial Debris
Other Penile Problems
Circumcision Revision
HIV Infections
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Penile Cancer
Foreskin Restoration
Quality of Well Being Scale
Intact Scenario
Intact Costs
Circumcision Costs
More Circumcision Costs
Total Costs
Cost Comparison
Lifetime expense
To Make it Cost Neutral
Underestimates of Costs
Well Years Lost per 1,000
Impaired Health
Treatment of Preputial Stenosis
Questions & Answers / Discussion


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