Adult Circumcision Video

Four complete adult male circumcisions and one frenulum cutting on one tape. All circumcisions shown in motion. Includes several segments of more than 100 freeze-frame and motion shots, several seconds each, of penises, most circumcised. No faces. Informal operating procedure suggests setting other than hospital or clinic.

PlastiBell technique. About 7 minutes. Inserting PlastiBell. Holding foreskin in place over and beyond the glans and tying thread over foreskin in PlastiBell groove. PlastiBell in place with foreskin tied off. Grasping foreskin with tweezers and cutting it off with surgical scissors.

Freehand technique. About 22 minutes. Injection at base of penis. Tying cloth around penis. Two forceps grabbing foreskin. Clamping foreskin beyond glans. Slicing foreskin off with scalpel. Releasing clamp, blotting blood, pulling incision site back behind glans, cutting inner foreskin off. Sewing remaining skin together.

PlastiBell. About 16 minutes. Injection at base of penis and at frenulum. Grasping frenulum with tweezers, cutting it, then sewing it. Rolling retracted foreskin forward over glans and over PlastiBell. Trying off foreskin over PlastiBell. Pinching foreskin and cutting through outer foreskin with scalpel in circular motion, then cutting off inside fold with scissors. Sewing remaining skin together.

Freehand. About 20 minutes. Cutting frenulum with scalpel. Sewing frenulum. Clamping off foreskin beyond glans, slicing off with scalpel. Releasing forceps, outer skin slipping back revealing inner surface of inner foreskin. Sewing remaining skin together.

About 4 minutes. Injection. Cutting frenulum.

About two hours. Color. Video only; no sound.
Picture quality: Poor-plus to Fair-minus. (Clear enough to see and watch, however.)
Copied at Standard Play (SP) on premium grade VHS tape.
NTSC (American) format only.
$50 postpaid. Outside US add $4.
Check or money order drawn on U.S. bank in U.S. dollars only.
Please include signed "I am over 21 years of age" statement.

Order from:

John A. Erickson
1664 Beach Blvd. #216
Biloxi, MS 39531-5351

Please note:
I have no videos of children or for children and don't know or want to know anyone who does. If you are looking for videos showing the genitals of children, try Sing Sing or San Quentin.

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