Three Foreskin Videos

By John A. Erickson

"Foreskin in all its magnificent glory"
Foreskin Quarterly #24 (Spring 1997)

"The most beautiful presentation
of foreskin on video I've ever seen"

Deeper Into Foreskins (Nine Intact Men Show You Theirs)
      Live footage of the normal, natural (not restored) foreskins of nine intact adult males, one at a time. Brightly lit, sharply focused, ultra-clear close-ups (foreskin often filling entire screen), shot from every angle. Shows: numerous foreskin variations (long, loose, snug, tight, thick, thin, etc.); outside fold; frenar band; mucocutaneous junction ("lip"); mucosal inside fold; frenulum relaxed; frenulum taut (pulling glans back toward shaft); phimosis (non-retractable foreskin); various stages of erection and foreskin retraction; expansion and contraction of preputial orifice as foreskin folds and unfolds (rolls and unrolls) back and forth over glans; movement, mechanics and synchronization of entire penile skin system in masturbation; masturbation to ejaculation (final sequence). Foreskins only; no bodies or faces.
      VHS. Color. Video only; no sound. 27 minutes. $30.

"Rather than viewing slides of pathological foreskins to rationalize our destructive custom of circumcision, sexologists, physicians and medical students should view this provocatively intimate video to better understand the unique mechanical structure and exquisite sensual functions of the healthy male prepuce -- robbed from males born in the U.S. today at the rate of one every 2 seconds."
Tim Hammond, Founder, NOHARMM
(National Organization to Halt the
Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males)

John Iozza Shows You His Foreskin
      John Iozza, the 37-year-old balloon artist from Boston who has attended all four symposiums on circumcision, was also at the Strategies for Intactivists Conference in Evanston, Illinois, April 1996, where this documentary was made. Showing a rare gift for congenial, candid improvisation, he stands nude before the camera and talks about: his experience growing up intact; how, as a child, he glued and taped his foreskin back to look circumcised like the other boys; the doctors who tried to persuade his mother to have him circumcised; the sensitivity of his foreskin and frenulum; and eventually becoming aware that he was the lucky one after all.
       He inserts a pair of closed scissors between his foreskin and glans to show how a baby's foreskin is first torn from the glans before it's cut off. Then he shows how the foreskin is cut lengthwise. He inserts a bottle cap under his foreskin and over his glans to show how the Gomco clamp is used. He shows the PlastiBell technique by tying his foreskin over the bottle cap with dental floss. He draws lines on his foreskin with a felt-tip pen to show how much tissue circumcision would have removed.
     He invites calls from anyone who would like to talk with him or see his intact penis. He explains why everyone -- little girls and little boys -- should be allowed to keep their genitals whole, natural, normal and intact.
      VHS. Color/sound. 17 minutes. $30.

Brian Levitt Shows You His Foreskin Restoration In Progress, Demonstrates the T-Tape Method, and Shares His Thoughts and Feelings About Bris
       July 1995 (Greenbrae, California): Brian Levitt, children's rights advocate and anti-circumcision activist from San Francisco, at the NOHARMM March and Rally at Marin General Hospital: carrying large "Jews for the Rights of the Child" poster; foreskin restoration strap from his shorts down his leg to his foot; Bella, his sweet-natured Doberman with ears and tail intact, at his side.
       September 1995 (Berkeley, California): Brian's Levitt's penis a couple months after he started non-surgical restoration: circumcision scar; remaining frenulum; elevation under skin behind his glans later diagnosed as Sclerosing Lymphangitis, possibly caused by his circumcision; contrast between shaft skin and foreskin's mucosal inside fold externalized by circumcision.
       February 1997 (Biloxi, Mississippi): After about a year and a half of restoring: pulling new skin forward over his glans; showing and explaining in close-up detail each step of making and applying the T-tape; applying the T-tape to his erect shaved penis; inserting cotton balls and stainless steel ball bearing into the tape tube for more weight and stretch; attaching suspenders to tape and foot; thoughts, feelings, miscellaneous comments; reading his statement, "When I realized that Judaism cut me off from part of myself, I cut myself off from Judaism."
      VHS. Color/sound. 24 minutes. $30.


Informally taped and edited in "cinema verite" style with Sony high-resolution CCD-TR500 Hi8 camcorder. VHS. NTSC (American) format. Premium quality tape. Standard Play (SP) for maximum clarity.

$30 each, postpaid.
Two videos on the same tape [specify which two]: $50 postpaid.
All three videos on the same tape: $60 postpaid.

Outside U.S. add $4 per tape (not per title).
Check or money order drawn on U.S. bank payable in U.S. dollars only.
Please include signed "I am over 21 years of age" statement.

Order from:

John A. Erickson
1664 Beach Blvd. #216
Biloxi, MS 39531-5351

Unsolicited comments:

"[Deeper Into Foreskins] beautifully and very naturally captures the simple functions and attributes of the foreskin and natural penis."

"I was absolutely astounded by the beauty of Deeper Into Foreskins. Really, it's the most beautiful presentation of foreskin on video I've ever seen! Not only is it aesthetically beautiful, it's technically beautiful also."

"I never really allowed myself to appreciate the amazing qualities of the foreskin until I watched your video. Thanks for opening my eyes and mind wider than ever before. I have a new sense of mission today that I didn't have before."

"It [Deeper Into Foreskins] made me feel connected and that I don't need a circumcision to fit into America's mainstream."

"John Iozza's demonstration on his own penis of what is lost by circumcision is the most persuasive argument against circumcision I've ever encountered."

"The John Iozza tape should be given maximum distribution. He is the right age to be convincing. He presents the case very well. His information is perfect."

"The John Iozza tape is incredible!"

"I received the John Iozza and Deeper Into Foreskins tape and am another satisfied customer. You sure delivered just what you advertised."

"The Brian Levitt video moved me to tears. You can see in Brian's face the uncensored truth of what's been done to millions of men. Thank you for documenting a shameful part of our history and for the hope you are giving to men contemplating foreskin restoration." Mary Conant, RN, Nurses for the Rights of the Child

"I found the Brian Levitt video incredibly moving. I hope that Jewish parents all over the world will get a chance to see it." Betty Katz Sperlich, RN, Nurses for the Rights of the Child

"I was rivited to the screen -- almost hyp-motized as Letterman might say."

"I loved your video." [From an M.D.]

"Your videos are wonderful."

Please note:
       I have no videos of children or for children and don't know or want to know anyone who does. If you are looking for videos showing the genitals of children, try Sing Sing or San Quentin.

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