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Thanks. I have always wondered exactly what I have been missing.

The 33 foreskin photos are enlightening. They show what circumcised males are missing. I'm thankful for the information but saddened to further realize what I have never known. A strange mixture of feelings.

This is the ultimate in perversions! You are one sick dude!

A masterful bit of educational material.

To: "Taking Children Seriously list"
From: Sarah Lawrence
Subject: An excellent web site for Americans
       I hope that not circumcising one's babies goes without saying for TCS folks, but apparently many Americans have literally never seen an intact penis and fear the foreskin in some way. There is a superb web site that you should visit if you want to know what an intact penis looks like, and to see how the skin slides over the soft, moist glans of the intact male, protecting it from chafing, etc. This URL shows close-up photographs which provide some of the information some of you may want. The main page has some excellent links too. A really excellent educational resource, if ever there was one.
Sarah Lawrence
Editor, Taking Children Seriously journal
[Quoted with permission.]

I enjoyed your web page. It was very informative! I'm interested in finding other Jews who, like myself, oppose circumcision.

Thanks for sharing this site. I did a great deal of "home work" before I started restoring but have muddled through without a good knowledge of how things actually should have been. Having never seen the penis of an intact adult male, I had no idea how the three zones related to the entire penile shaft. I am totally amazed that there is that much skin - or to rephrase the statement, how much skin is lost through circumcision.

Many, many thanks.

I was surprised by the amount of smegma in the smegma photo. This has caused me to reconsider the restoration I was close to starting. I know it's a naturally occurring thing but I don't want my penis to look like it has mayonnaise smeared on it.

Smegma has a bad reputation in this country. Pro-circers visiting your site will probably grab the smegma images to prove how disgusting the intact penis is. Had you thought about putting up a picture of female smegma, just for balance?

Thanks for posting the smegma photos. This is the first time I've seen smegma. I can understand why people think it looks gross. It does! Then again, so do ear wax and toe jam. This will be a tough sell!

I'm sure the smegma photos will send the average American parent straight to the circumciser! The debate about smegma is truly a minor one since it is harmless. Most intact men don't produce any at all. I'm intact and have never seen smegma before your photos. Clearly this is something that a man can easily wash away if he finds it objectionable. It is hardly a legitimate argument for circumcision.

I've visited your site several times and will go back regularly. Good job! And good photos!

Thanks so much for putting your information on the net.

I think your pictures are a fine contribution to the cause. Young boys are often computer hackers. Many will come across these pictures and tell others. Perhaps they will develop misgivings about circumcision before being brain-washed by the medical profession. Feelings on issues (e.g. religion, politics, etc.) are often established early. Adolescents are unlikely going to get the opportunity to really see what they are missing. Even if they occasionally see an intact person in the locker room, they get little chance to see what is really there. Your photos provide just what may be needed early on. Bravo for your efforts!

Great site! Great photos! Thank you!

Now I realize just how much the Rabbi cut off of me. It's devastating. When I'm erect there are FOUR INCHES of my SOUL and my MANHOOD that was taken from me without my permission. I dream of the day when I'm fully restored. Thank you. More pictures YES!

Phenomenal! The Smegma Photos are wonderful. Very explanatory. [From an MD]

I just visited your site and it was awesome. I have nothing to add to your excellent site. [From an MD]

Just looked at your web site. Very good photos. I noticed in the feedback section mixed reviews about the smegma pictures. You may want to point out the smegma buildup is present in only 0.5% of children 3 years and under and that smegma was found in only 6% of men with clinically confirmed phimosis, so it is a very rare condition in most men. [From an MD]

Generally a great site. Most Americans have never seen a foreskin so I think it will be very helpful in addressing prepucephobia.

These are the best and most illustrative photographs of the foreskin I have ever seen.

A remarkable collection of photographs.

I was especially taken by the paragraph about the circumcised college roommate's violent masturbation. It's quite a comment. Both on how much sensitivity is lost and what men have to do to counter the effects.

Your entire foreskin site is a masterpiece.

Something to
Mark the
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I'm 23 years old and I'm so glad I'm "Cut". I couldn't imagine having to go through life with the disgusting affliction of foreskin. I have talked to many females about this and at least 90% of them thought the uncircumcised was disgustingly ugly, was still somewhat soft while erect, and had what was described to me as a "cheesy and/or smelly substance" (comparable to "Toe Jam") hidden behind the foreskin. And others have said that they will never be with anyone who is "uncut." I've been told that some of these women, after seeing one, left and never saw that man again. That doesn't sound like much fun to me. Also, everyone's foreskin is different, sometimes not completely retracting during an erection. Now I'm no expert but all of these factors lead me to believe that I'm damn lucky. If sex is more pleasurable to those who are "uncut" they better not take it for granted because the way it sounds to me, not too many women would accept one of those inside her -- especially not orally. So all the pain that I DID NOT even feel was worth it to me!

I'm 50 and uncut and plan to stay that way. I really enjoyed the photos of the uncut penis with smegma.

Thanks for all the information. I do appreciate it.

Nice set of pics. Thanks.

These pictures are magnificent. Such great detail. I especially like your statement that one can never have too much foreskin.

Thank you! I never knew how a foreskin worked since mine is gone (taken at birth). You have provided valuable visual info on how it works for those of us who have never had one to retract. Very interesting but my life does seem simpler not having to move the thing around. I am trying to be positive about my status. Thanks again!

Your page and gallery are great! Never before have I seen photos of phimosis. I had phimosis when I was a child. Masturbating solved this "problem."

What a wonderful website! I am truly amazed at the thought and sensitivity that went into making it. As a person who was robbed of his foreskin at birth (and not because of my parents!) I am reading everything I can about the different restoration techniques.

Thank you for creating such an excellent web site. It is full of important information and pictures. As a Generation X Latino male who is intact I really appreciated the images on your site. It serves as a form of social and collective validation of me, my body and my body-image. Not being circumcised became a sign of being Latino in my hometown, but it always had a negative connotation. As I have made my way through graduate school and became more mature, I have truly come to love my body and the natural state of my penis. I consider myself blessed and fortunate to be born here in the U.S. and to have gotten out of the hospital with my foreskin. I laugh now because I used to think my immigrant parents left me intact because they were ignorant and backward. I now know I was totally wrong. They left me intact because they loved me and they knew better. Not bad considering my mother never finished elementary school and father was a high school drop-out. They are smarter than most medical doctors. My wife thanks them too. My wife thinks circumcised penises are ugly and gross. She also thinks, like my parents, that it is cruel and unusual punishment for infants. Someday my fellow citizens and neighbors will give up this horrible practice that belongs in the 19th century with phrenology, social Darwinism and theories of arrested development.

Your photographs are incredible -- real and human. The angles and the subject matter are groundbreaking. Thank you for giving the foreskin the identity it deserves. Bravo!

Your photos on the foreskin website are scaring off people I am trying to educate about the foreskin. I realize these may be "medical" photos, but for some reason your site comes up on most peoples "web searches". Is it necessary to show the "unusual intact penises" to the uninformed? My husband and child are both intact and their penises look nothing like the one[s] in your photos. (Heaven's I've never seen that much smegma in my life!)
       I realize pictures are needed to be educational, but to depict rare abnormalities and select unappealing photos is not necessary for the everyday person who doesn't even know what a normal healthy intact penis looks like! There is another very good website at that shows the same information you do in a much more appealing way. (I do wonder about the last photo on this site though, the poor thing looks like it hit a brick wall at 100 miles an hour.)
       If people are needing more technical pictures than the ones on Don Kettle's site you should provide a contact number so that you may E-mail them directly. Currently with these photos splayed out all over the Internet for the uninformed to see, I fear advising any expecting parent to go to the Internet for information on circumcision. Brian Morris's ravings I can refute, these pictures are impossible to explain.
       These picture I would expect to find on a "Pro-circumcision" site, a "let's pick the worst thing that can possible happen to an intact penis and show everyone" approach.
       I've noticed from your "comments" section that I'm not the only one who has had such a shocked and negative reaction. Please, please from a very strong anti-circumcision supporter, take this into serious consideration.

Good work!
       It is sad to know what we are missing, but it's even worse not to know something might be missing -- which is the social milieu I grew up in.
       Of course it is possible to live a more or less rich life without one's foreskin, but then it would be possible to live a more or less rich life with only one arm, or blind, etc. Gratuitous privation of human potential must be put an end to. The blind want to see. The lame want to walk. Isn't there enough misery in the world due to nature, without "nurture" adding more hurt?
       I lost something that might have given me some pleasure, and was stuck with something that messed me up a lot.

Thank you for I was amazed that some of the comments are so critical. I'm sure you do far more good than harm and the cold hard fact is that many -- especially Americans -- have no idea of what a foreskin is all about and fewer yet have seen what one looks like and how it operates, especially erect. Several doctors (especially Army doctors) have tried to talk me into letting them circumcise me. I have never had any problem with hygiene or smegma. Thanks for a great public service.

Thank you for your wonderful work.

I've seen a circumcised penis and an uncircumcised penis and I liked the circumcised penis more. [From a woman. I asked her if she liked the circumcised penis more or disliked it less. She said she disliked it less.]

Thumbs up about a million times.

Thanks for a great website. I've just begun to explore some of the info you've collected. I'm uncut and happy it happened that way: born at home in a poor rural area. Perhaps that's why I've always had difficulty identifying with other tribal rites and mass hysterias. There's so much misinformation about on the subject that it's too bad mostly the converted or the rabidly circumcising will pay much attention.

You are probably already aware that your site is listed on "The Internet's Sickest Sites!" (at Your site has now qualified for our award, "The Sickest Sites Seal of Disapproval." [12/20/98]

I just read your comments page on your site about your smegma pics. Did you say that those pics of the guy showing smegma were taken after days of deliberately not rinsing it away? Maybe you should put that on your site. From what I read, lots of people get the impression that this is how much men have every day. As a woman, I know that for me to get enough smegma to take a picture of would take a week, probably! I'm not kidding. But before then, I'd surely need to wash because I'd start to itch. I have no idea why women fear smegma; they obviously don't know that they, too, have smegma -- and, for that matter, cervical mucus/discharge which is constantly changing with the different phases of their menstrual cycle.

I am intrigued by your "Sickest Sites Seal of Disapproval Award." I think it interesting that they list anti-circumcision sites but no pro-circumcision sites as worthy of inclusion in their list of "The Internet's Sickest Sites"!
       It is good, though, that they associate circumcision with necrophilia, coprophilia, and other unpleasant "philias," but I was astounded that they singled out your smegma pictures as disgusting. How sad that the truth about normal human anatomy is considered "sick."
       Thank you for your contribution to safeguarding the truth.

The pictures of erect penises with the foreskin in various stages of retraction are a great opportunity for those who have a foreskin to see how similar they are and for those without a foreskin to see up close what an intact penis looks like. I think there are many men in the US who would like to see a foreskin up close but either have not had the opportunity or societal mores are such that they feel restrained from asking to see.

Amazing. I thought I already knew a lot. I can't tell you how much your website affected me. An extreme sense of sadness came over me, the realization that I will never get to know my husband's original body. I'll never see the way he would have looked. Made me cry.


The 33 Photographs of the Intact Adult Male Foreskin are very well done! Very clear, and demonstrate nicely how the skin moves, and how much there would have been. ;-(

As a cut male, I applaud your site. I am completely aware of what was taken from me and am considering restoration.

A pediatrician referred me to your website after discussing cancelling a scheduled circumcision for my 5 yr old son. None of my 3 boys are circumcised as I believe the foreskin was placed on man for reason and it is not within my realm as a parent to remove body parts from my child. However, I was advised by 2 MDs that since my 5 yr old's foreskin was not retractable yet, he should have a partial circ. I even went so far under the guidance of these MDs to schedule the surgery and start mentally preparing my son for a circ. Thankfully, the mental image of my young child in the post-op state was enough for me to research this diagnosed "problem" foreskin. After reading the information on the NOCIRC website and talking with Marilyn Milos and two pediatricians I adamantly canceled the surgery.
       The pictures and information on your website have further reinforced my relief at having stopped the proposed circumcision. Yours was the first site that gave an image of the variability of the foreskin. And the stories and photos of phimosis and stretching were the first images and options I have been given to support my decision to let my son's "problem" foreskin develop on its own. I cannot tell you how encouraging it is to see and hear the testimonial that phimosis is not a problem for adult males, as this was the primary rationale I had for potentially doing the circ. Throughout consultations with 3 different MDs, I was given no options for conservative care or nonsurgical treatment. My only case scenarios to compare to were my other 2 sons, whose foreskins became retractable at age 4 and 12. Your site has provided valuable insight into the variability of the foreskin appearance and function with and without phimosis.
       Dr ----- mentioned that you may be able to refer me to a foreskin friendly MD in my area. As I said before, I had consultations with 3 MDs who physically examined (albeit briefly) my son, and verbal consultation with another MD, and no treatment options other than circ were ever discussed. It would be a relief to be able to have him examined by a physician who is educated about the foreskin's functions and believes in preservation at all cost. I'd appreciate any information you could give me.
       Oh - and the smegma pictures, no big deal. Compare those to truly diseased intact or circ'd penises with real disease and it looks like a dusting of powder. Our bodies have excretions. Get used to it.
       Once again, thank you for your enlightening site.

I can't help but wonder how many "on the fence" parents were scared into having their sons circ'd by the photos of intact penises posted on your Web site. They've even grossed-out fellow anti-circers who are happily intact.

I was in your foreskin site and I thought it was awesome. I think you are doing a great service and I am in full support of your efforts. Thanks.

Just browsed your web site on foreskin and found it to be excellent and enlightening.

I'm 22 years old and was circumcised when I was a baby. When I was about 8 years old I noticed that my dad's penis was different from mine. I did not pay any attention since I was very young at the time. When I really got interested about the function of the male foreskin was when I was 15 years old and was visiting my cousin and saw his intact penis for the first time while we where showering. Since he is only a about a year older than me and we have always gotten along very well, I asked him why his penis looked different from mine, and he told me that I was circumcised. He showed me that in fact our penises were not different by retracting his foreskin. I noticed that the head of his penis was moist and a little redder than mine. He also showed me how his foreskin worked and the purpose of it. Since then I have wanted to know if it was possible to regain what was taken from me. Since age 11 I have great discomfort when my penis is erect and when wearing clothes, because of my circumcision. About 1 year ago I visited a urologist and he did not help me out that much. He told me I was circumcised too tight and that I have to control my erections in order to avoid my pain. I don't think a man can control his erections. Now I'm against male circumcision and I will not circumcise any children I have. I really have to thank you very much for your web page since now I'm very well informed about the male foreskin, and if I do achieve a good foreskin when I do my restoration I will really be thankful for the information you have provided me with. Can't we help save any other male babies from this terrible mutilation?

I love your website. It's wonderful to see some foreskin. I've had my foreskin for 20 years, all my life, and only once did I have smegma, during a backpacking trip when I didn't take a shower for more than 10 days. With proper hygiene it never shows up. Thank you so much for the website.

Thank you for your excellent website.
      It is very nice to see someone post the truth about intact penises! A couple of comments from an intact young man and medical student:
       It should be stressed that American women, while generally ignorant about foreskins, have never in my experience rejected a man because of foreskin! One hears rumors about women who are disgusted by foreskins, but I never once met an intact man, myself included, with a such a story. In fact, most women seem to find intactness more natural and normal.
       I wonder about your "megaforeskin." My foreskin is even larger than that and I never thought it "mega." "Mega" implies a pathologic state of large size, such as megacolon, megacephaly, or megalomania.
       Thank you so much for posting information on the immunologic functions of the foreskin / smegma. I myself have presumed such to be the case for many years now.

[I have changed "Mega Foreskin" to "Luxuriant Foreskin." Thank you.]

"The Foreskin in Art" is a beautiful addition to the best foreskin site on the net! I have admired your efforts to educate people about the foreskin, its functions and its beauty since 1983. You are very inspiring and certainly someone I must acknowledge in my decision to keep my own foreskin and appreciate it. I always like your quote "One can never have too much foreskin"! I feel strongly about a male's right to choose whether or not to retain his foreskin, a decision no infant can make. I went through some trauma/awkwardness about being uncircumcised in my teens which I got over completely by the age of 22. I am thankful that my parents did not interfere with what I consider to be an important, wondrous, and natural part of my anatomy. There is no way I would surrender my foreskin to anyone for any reason. Thanks for all your hard work in the anti-circ movement and for creating and maintaining such a brilliant site. I appreciate what you do so much.

I was shocked to see the amount of smegma on the penis in the photograph. I am not circumcised and I have NEVER had this amount of smegma. It should be made clear that in order for that amount of smegma to accumulate, one would have to not bathe for several days. Also, the penis will itch if smegma is not washed away, which is a decent incentive to keep it clean. Regarding all the horror stories about women turning down men if they are not circumcised, it's hogwash. I've been with plenty of American women and not one of them has had a problem with my uncut status. In fact, once they see what an intact penis is and how it works, most are intrigued. Most women who have a problem with an uncut penis because of smegma probably don't realize that they too have smegma that accumulates under the hood of their clitoris and around their labia minora, so they really have no right to tell uncut guys to get lost, when they experience the same thing with their genitals. There is way too much ignorance in this country regarding this subject, and it's disgraceful that it is still legal to perform this medically unnecessary mutilation on helpless babies. If an equivalent operation (removal of the female prepuce) were done to female newborns, this would be called barbaric, but for some reason, amputating the male foreskin at birth without the owner's consent is still legal and accepted.

I searched for information about foreskins. I saw your site and thought it was very well done. As a Mississippi boy who grew up in the sixties I didn't realize how precious my foreskin was until I got older and noticed how much I would be missing without it. I have grown sons and did not have them cut. I'm sure they appreciate it but have never talked about it. When they were younger I did tell them that they had to take care of it and how to properly clean it. I love my foreskin and so does my new wife.

Just viewed your site on foreskin. I was quite amused and impressed with all the famous men who still have their foreskin. I viewed the photos of men with various size penises and amounts of foreskin. I am a bisexual muscular male who appreciates his foreskin. Not only is it a thing of beauty but it also is part of a man's body. Sexually it is a turn on for me as my girl and buddy both enjoy it. I enjoyed reading the articles and viewing the pictures on your site.

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