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I just want to say thank you so much for your informative website on foreskin. My boyfriend and I have been considering sexual intercourse for some time now, and I was unable to tell him why I was hesitating so much. I am American, and he is Canadian, and I was so worried that he would misunderstand me when I told him that I had concerns about being with an uncircumcised man. My mother always expressed horror at the mention of an uncut penis, and so I had what I now consider to be unjustified worries. As a 22 year old woman, I was afraid to tell my boyfriend that not only had I never seen a penis like his, but that I didn't really want to. It seemed like such a childish thing to fear what you do not understand. But I forced myself to finally tell him, and to my surprise, he just smiled and told me that if I wanted to know, I should look at your site. I have to tell you that I was both moved and enlightened by the candor of your photographs and articles. In no way was I offended or frightened by anything I saw here. In fact, I feel that I can now go to my boyfriend with a genuine smile, and tell him that I no longer have any worries. I thank you ever so much for your help in my dilemma, and congratulate you for having the tenacity to maintain a site like this in the face of adversity. It is a shame that some of the people who made negative comments about your site cannot see how this information can really help people like me. I hope you never let anyone sway you into halting your attempt to let the world know about the glory of the natural, uncut penis. And once again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Hello, I just got done looking over your very informative site. My sons are 5 and 2, and they are not circumcised. I felt very strongly about cutting off a piece of their genitals. I was searching for info on circumcision for a friend, and your site clearly articulates the facts of the harm it does. I feel that I rescued my sons from a grave danger. Thank you so much! And my friend who is pregnant, she and her husband have decided not to circumcise their son!!!!!!!!!

You've done a great deal to raise the consciousness level regarding the importance of the foreskin and the execrable practice of circumcision. However I must take objection to your smegma photos. I really feel they are causing parents to have their babies circumcised, never to experience the joys of experiencing and sharing the natural penis. I think also they may discourage men from restoring -- denying them the "born again" pleasures of "restored sex."
     Smegma may be a reality, but we don't have to take this perceived negative feature of the natural penis and flaunt it in the face of critics and those who are just itching for a reason to have their child circumcised.
     Smegma can be controlled through penile hygiene -- but people don't see that -- they just think it's gross, and don't stop to consider that hygiene will control it. They look at the photos on your website and say -- ehhhhkkk!! -- I don't want my son's penis to look like that when he grows up -- I'm going to get him circumcised.
     Please give this matter serious contemplation. I hope you decide to take them off your site. To flaunt smegma is only going to turn people off.

Two weeks ago I tore my frenulum requiring four stitches. Today I went to a urologist since the wound hurts and still bleeds a little if I get an erection. I am to have a minor operation to cut the frenulum and so relieve the tension in the scar tissue and what is left there. In my search for information on this operation and how common it is I found your site. It seems to me that it is far more common in the US for men to be circumcised. Your site has told me a lot about my reproductive organ I did not know before. Excellent work, thank you for taking the time to put this information together.

I would just like to thank you for all the information on foreskin and phimosis. I had phimosis and got rid of it thanks to your information on stretching. It took me 3 months of stretching and a couple of days ago I retracted my foreskin for the first time in my life. I have nothing else to say but THANK YOU!!! At first I wanted to have a circumcision (lack of knowledge on the methods of treatment), but after seeing the information about non-surgical stretching on your site, I decided on stretching.

I really like your website. I was circumsized at infancy and never really gave it a second thought until a couple months ago (I'm 23) when I was idly wondering what a foreskin looked like.
     After reading your site, I'm kind of depressed hearing about what I'm missing. I'm not really mad at my parents - I know they had my best interests in mind and were just ignorant, but I really wish they had let me make this decision for myself! My only consolation is that it is becoming less common because of increased awareness through, among other sources, sites like yours. If my sons are ever circumcised, it will be of their own choosing!
     When I was a little kid, sometimes I would try to push my glans in so it was all covered by skin. Sometimes it would stay that way, all covered up, for a couple seconds, and I thought that was pretty cool. It felt kind of comfortable. But of course it would always pop out. And this was before I knew what a foreskin was for or even looked like!
     I was considering restoring, but it seems like more trouble than it's worth. Do you know of anyone I could ask about it? Is full sensitivity restored? Once it's all stretched out, does it stay that way, or will I always have to wear the weights and tape?

This is the best site about circumcision I've found yet.

Your site offers more information than I could hope to find on my own. Thank you. I'm very happy to see that being uncircumcised really is a lot better than otherwise. I'm glad my parents made that choice, and I couldn't be in better company, as I see your list of famous uncircumcised males, many of whom I idolize and highly respect. Thank you.

To me, a European woman living in the US, a cut penis looks "naked" - bald if you like. The main reason I prefer intact males is sensitivity. Never before have I met as many guys who have had anal sex or are into it as in the US. (How disgusting and potentially dangerous to your health is that?) The duration, dryness and often the requirement of certain sexual positions to get him off during regular intercourse is very discouraging for me. So is the fact that many lose erection during less stimulating, less harsh intercourse. My advice to circumcised men who feel offended by your website: Don't be as ignorant about this as your parents and your doctor were. Unfortunately, you missed out on a great deal of pleasure and freedom. Don't deny it to your own baby boys. They'll thank you for it.

What a tremendous informative website. I really enjoyed all the information as well as the photos. I do believe there are adult males that benefit from circumcision. I endured discomfort for years and was reluctant to talk to a doctor. Finally after I retired, I decided to discuss this with my doctor. He circumcised me and I was surprised that I felt no pain or discomfort. Healing was complete in about two weeks. I regret not having the surgery years ago. It worked for me but I do feel infant circumcision is a source of additional income for the medical profession. All the horror stories have probably scared away many men that could be helped by the cut.

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