Sexually Explicit Adult Videos
With a Foreskin or Circumcision Buzz Word
In Their Titles


The following list was compiled from the Adam Film World Directory of Adult Films for 1994, 1995, 1997 and 1998.

Foreskin Gump - Legend Video
John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut - Leisure Time ["Uncut" here means "penis sewn back on," not "uncircumcised."]

Man or Man/Man:

The following list was compiled from various sources, including every issue of Skins and Uncut (both no longer published), Foreskin Quarterly, and the 1994-2000 editions of the Adam Gay Video Directory.

4 Skin 4 Abuse - Sirco
4-Hour/4-Skins - MSP Video
9 Skins - Uncircumcised Society of America (USA)
10 Huge Uncut Dicks - Palm Drive Video
Absolutely Uncut - Altomar / Adam
Amsterdam's Uncut Dicks - Catalina
Arkansas Luggage (The Uncut Version) - Old Reliable
Best of Sirco Foreskin - Sirco
Big Cut Cocks - TAC
Boys with a Hood
Club Mandom, Part One: The Blue Collar Cheese Factory - TAC
CUMplete & Uncut - Altomar 1997
A Cut Above [?]
The Cut Club Vivid
Cut to the Chase [?] - RetroVid
Cut vs. Uncut - Forum Studios
Cutting Edge [?]
Dick in a Turtleneck
Dock 9 (The Uncuttest Kind of All) - Adam & Co.
Deeper Into Foreskins (Nine Men Show You Theirs) - Quasimodo Video
Fantasies Uncut - AVG Inc.
Foreskin - Sirco/ A.V.P.
Foreskin 2 - Sirco/ A.V.P.
Foreskin 3 - Sirco / A.V.P.
Foreskin 4 - A.V.P. [Sirco ?]
Foreskin 5 - A.V.P. [Sirco ?]
Foreskin - Vidco
Foreskin Dreams - IS&A [Previous title: Uncut Foreskin Flick]
Foreskin Fanatico - All Worlds Video
Foreskin Fanatics
Foreskin Fantasies - Vidco
Foreskin Fantasy - Adam & Company
Foreskin Fantasy - TAC
Foreskin Fantasy 1 (Ritual) - Adam / Handball
Foreskin Fantasy 2 (Manplay) - Handball
Foreskin Fiesta - HIS
Foreskin Fiesta 2 - Latino Fan Club
Foreskin Five - Sirco
(The) Foreskin Flick - Tumbleweed TV
Foreskin Forever (compilation) - Le Salon
Foreskin Forever - Latino Fan Club / Brian Services
Foreskin Forever II (Intact) - Latino Fan Club
Foreskin Forum - Scorpion Productions
Foreskin Lovers - Leisure Time Products
Foreskin Madness - Tiger Media
Foreskin Obsession: 10 Huge Uncut Dicks - Palm Drive Video
Foreskin 'Rican - Latin Connection
Foreskin Strokers #1 - USA
Foreskin Strokers #2 - USA
Foreskins Forever! [?] - Latino Fan Club
Foreskins Over America - Totally Tight Video
Forever Uncut (Uncut 3) - Old Reliable
Four for Fore
Frantick About Foreskin
Glory Holes, Vol. 8, contains a segment called "Uncut Sucker" - X-Plicit Video
Hooded Stranger [?] - Intnl. Wavelength
Hoods (Totally Uncut!)
Hoods and Helmets/Uncut Studs--Cut Buds
I Love [Heart] Foreskin! - Tiger Media
IML Uncut - Catalina
Inside Foreskin Varsity Productions / Rising Stars / Advanced Direct [The man in one segment has a phimosed (unretractile) foreskin.]
Intact (Foreskin Forever II) - Latino Fan Club
International Skin - Le Salon
J/O Foreskin #1
J/O Foreskin #2
Latin Foreskin
Making Love to the Uncut Member (comp.)
Making Love to Uncut Erections (comp.)
Manplay (Foreskin Fantasy 2) - Adam / Hardball
Men: Skin and Steel - Adam
More Uncut Men - Adam
Nine Skins - Gymnos
Object of Desire (Foreskin Worship and Glory Hole Fantasy)
Original Bear 3: Uncut Footage - Brush Creek Media
Ritual (Foreskin Fantasy 1) - Adam / Handball
Skin Deep [?]
Skin Flick [Released by TAC Video as Mandom, Part IV]
Skin Flix
Skin Torpedoes - Fox Studio
Skins Video Project - CB&V
Skins Video Project #2 - CB&V
SkinShots - Vidfile / CB&V
Strokin' It: Uncut #1 - Junior Studio [The man in one segment has a phimosed (unretractile) foreskin.]
Tom's Gloryhole #1: Foreskin Obsession TAC - Videos
Tom's Gloryhole #3: Foreskin Games
Tom's Totally Uncut Skin Games
Totally Uncut (Uncut 2) - Old Reliable
U.N.C.U.T. Club of Los Angeles - Thunderbolt / MSP Video
Uncut - Bob Jones
Uncut - USA
Uncut (Street Trash) [?]
Uncut! The Classic Cock Collection - Old Reliable
Uncut - The Classic Cock Collection #2 - Old Reliable
Uncut 1 (Arkansas Luggage) - Old Reliable
Uncut 2 (Totally Uncut) - Old Reliable
Uncut 3 (Forever Uncut) - Old Reliable
Uncut 4 Skins Flick (Custom #6) - International Studio & Associates (IS&A)
Uncut #4 - Old Reliable
Uncut 5 - Old Reliable
Uncut 6 - Old Reliable
Uncut 7 - Old Reliable
Uncut Number Eight - Old Reliable
Uncut Number Nine - Old Reliable
Uncut 10 - Old Reliable
Uncut 11 - Ole Reliable
Uncut 12 - Old Reliable
Uncut Big Black Dick
Uncut Club 1-4 (comp.)
Uncut Club #2 - The Rage Collection
Uncut Club #3 - The Rage Collection
Uncut Club #4 - The Rage Collection
Uncut Club #5 - The Rage Collection
Uncut Club #6 - The Rage Collection
Uncut Devil [?]
Uncut Dicks - Rebel Video
Uncut Double - Palm Drive Video
Uncut Dreams - Le Salon
Uncut Erections
Uncut Fever, Part 1 - IS&A
Uncut Fever, Part 2 - IS&A
Uncut Fantasies - AVG Inc.
Uncut Footage - Brush Creek Media
Uncut Foreskin [4Skin?] Flick [See Foreskin Dreams.]
Uncut Fuck Buddy
Uncut Gems: Diamonds in the Raw - Altomar
Uncut Glory! - Brush Creek Media [Foreskin Quarterly's first movie]
Uncut Hairy Bruiser
Uncut Hunks Hot Shot 38
Uncut Hunks 2 Hot Shot 39
Uncut Hunks 1 & 2 (comp.)
Uncut Latins - Tiger Media
Uncut Lucky Cums 13 Times
Uncut Lucky Devil - IS&A
Uncut Men - Liesure Time Products
Uncut Men - Old Reliable
Uncut Muscle Mechanic - Palm Drive Video
Uncut Pig Master - Street Trash Video
Uncut Sex Studs - Leisure Time Products
Uncut Tuffs
The Uncut Version - All Worlds Video / Private Collection (comp.)
Uncut Weekend
Uncut Wet Dreams - Altomar
The Uncuttest Kind of All (Dock 9) - Adam / Outpost
Under the Hood
Uninhibited and Uncut - Planet / R. Stockton
White Foreskin (comp.) - Tiger Media

The following videos have no foreskin buzz word in their titles but are listed under "Foreskin" in the theme indexes of the 1994-2000 editions of the Adam Gay Video Directory. [The theme indexes of the Adam annual directories of man/woman adult videos contain no separate category for foreskin.]

Accidental Lovers
Alex and His Buddies
All That Jizz
Amazon Adventure
An American in Prague
Americans in Paris
Anchor Hotel
Andel's Story
Andel's Story 2
The Apprentice
Argentine Memories
Asian Sex Odyssey
Ass, Balls, Cock
Attack of the Amazing Colossal Latino
Back in the Saddle
Back to the Baths 1
Balls of the Wild
Beach Buns
Becoming Men
Beeper Boys of El Barrio
Berlin Men
Bi-Bi Banjee Boyz
Bicho Grande
Big Bear Lake
The Big C's
The Big Shot
Billy 2000
The Bite 2
Black & Beefy
Black & Blue
Blue Danube
Brazillian Bath Boys 1-2
Breakin' 'Em In 1-2
The British Are Coming
Bronze Beach Boys
Brothers and Other Fantasies
Bulging Bavarians
The Caller
Caracas Adventure
Carnival in Rio
Ciao Bello 1-2
Comrades in Arms
Cowboy Jacks
Country Tales
Cue and Balls
Current Affairs
Czech Circle Jerk
Czech Is in the Male
Czech Men
Czech Point
Danger Zone
Danube Dreams
Deja Vu
Der Kaufman Ringt
Desert Oasis
Deutsche Dicks
Dickey Lickey
Doin' Time 2069
Down Under
The Escape
Eurosex Rave
Exercising Peter
Fantasia Latino
The Flavor of Men
French Connection
French Connections 1-2 [?]
The French Erection
The Freshmen
Frisky Summer 1-3
Games of Paris
Gangsters at Large
Getting Even
Go Fuck Yourself
Good & Hard
Gute Schlaf
Hard Working Men
Hardbody 2000
Hispanic Heatwave
Hispanic Mechanics
Hispanic Monuments 1-2, 4
Hooked on Hispanics
Hot Times in Little Havana
Huddle Up
Hung Riders 2
Hungary for Men
Idol Dreams
In Heat
Inside Carl Thomas
Island Fever
Joe's Big Advanture
Journey to Italy
Jungle Heat
Jungle Voodoo
Last of the Boracuas
Latin Obsession
Latin Showboyz
Le Coursier
Learning Latin 1-3
Loss of Innocence
Love for Sale
Low Riders
Lucas' Story 1-3
Lust at First Sight
Maison Bleue
Man O Man
Man to Men
Man Watch
Max Makes It Big!
Men of Holland
The Men From Ipanema
Mercury Rising
Mi Pinga Loca
Military Zone
A Night at l'Adonis
The Obsession
On the Mark
Out at Last
Paradise Plantation
Passage to Spring
The Player
Pleasure Express
Posing Strap
Puerto Rican Blowout
'Rican Reform School
Room Service
Roots of the 'Rican
Sauna Paradise
Secrets of Paradise Island
Service Actif 1-2
Sex My Father Taught Me
Sexual Healing'
Something Sexy
South of the Border
Spanish Lessons
Speedy Delivers
Speedy Rodriguez
Stiff Summer Cock Tales
Straight Exposure
Strand Sex
Stud House
Studs in Uniform
A Subway Named Desire
Sweatin' Black
Sweet Visions Boys' Wild Dreams
Sweet Heat
Tender Tails
Tender Strangers
Tenderly Thai
Tequila Cadinot
Thai Take-Out
Thai Treasures
Thick as Thieves
Tiger Untamed
Tiger's Brooklyn Tales
Tijuana Toilet Tramps
Titan Men 2
Tomorrow Always Comes
Tourist Trade
Traveling Journeyman
Trouser Trout
Uomo Italiano
Urban Angels 2
Vampire of Budapest
Viva Latino
Wild Ride to Berlin
World of Men

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